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Diamond Designer Concrete, Inc. is located in Pennsylvania on the shores of Lake Erie, and is woman owned and operated. The company was established in the summer of 2010 by Cori Sutton, Vice President of Maya Brothers, Inc., a family owned commercial concrete contractor.  Her experience in the concrete industry has afforded her multiple experiences with large-scale commercial and industrial projects.  Cori’s interest in the decorative aspects of concrete mixed with her concentration on concrete polishing led to the founding of Diamond Designer Concrete, Inc.

Diamond Designer Concrete, Inc. believes every project is unique. Individualized design and planning goes into each floor to ensure the needs of each client are met. Whether its aggregate exposure, level of polish, color, or concrete mix designs, Diamond Designer Concrete, Inc. considers both functional and aesthetic elements to produce a floor with exceptional results. Contact Diamond Designer Concrete, Inc. to transform your old, new, or developing project into a functional design masterpiece.